Macedonia: The noble pride

  • Properties:
  • A warm, creamy stone in which gold and brown betas stand out. Macedonia is a hard stone, with a hardness on the Mohs scale * of 6 to 7 (comparable to most marbles with extremely low porosity). This material is suitable for almost all floors of high traffic to the most elaborate in size and detail. This stone was used at the Hilton Hotel in Cancun, Mexico (with a special sealant). The appearance of the Macedonian stone can be used with almost any type of decoration due to its calm and noble color.

  • Uses: Used for wall covering, floors and decorative use.
  • Origin: Mexico. This fossil stone is extracted from the Yucatan peninsula.
  • Color: White with a variety of incrustations of shells and other fossils.
  • Finish and Available sizes: See table. Special sizes for individual orders.
  • Properties:

The "Mohs" scale of the mineral hardness has the characteristic of measuring the resistance by scratching several minerals through the capacity of a harder material to zero and a softer material. For example, if it was scratched with a diamond along a glass panel, the crystal would be zero and not cause damage to the diamond in any way.

A single piece should not be taken as an exact color sample for later batches.

As well as the variation of color, some of our tiles may have minor inlays, piholes and defects. These imperfections are characteristic of this type of tile, and not the result of a bad workmanship, if this happens it will be replaced.


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